Safety Alerts provide information from health and safety authorities in New Zealand and Australia, with details of recent incidents to alert you to hazards and unsafe practices

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2018 - February

NZ Alert - Misfires found days after shot

NZ Alert - Man seriously injured by digger bucket

NZ Alert - Truck body rolls while tipping

NZ Alert - Death of a worker caught in machine

NZ Alert - Managing heat in the workplace

Spotter struck in face by winch cable

Two serious high pressure fluid injuries

Lifting chain failure causes fall

Wear on tyre rim found during inspection

Fatality at open cut mine

Loader loses brakes and crashes

Fall from height into water

Miner's feet pinned by rock

NSW Weekly incident summary 7 Feb 2018


2018 - January

NZ Alert - Failure to follow procedure puts worker at risk

NZ Alert - Use the safety gear you have

NZ Alert - Worker falls from height

NZ Alert - Company fined over failure to learn

NZ Alert - Serious injuries caused by fall

Hoist bucket kills mine worker

Mines and preparing for fires

Managing the risks of working in heat

Guideline for hydraulic safety

Guideline for collision prevention

Guideline for fall prevention

Protecting workers from UV radiation

Underground conveyor incident puts workers at risk

How to manage back to work fatigue

NSW Weekly incident summary 10 Jan 2018

NSW Weekly incident summary 17 Jan 2018 

NSW Weekly incident summary 31 Jan 2018


2017 - December

NZ Alert - One mine worker's story

NZ Alert - Rock from tyre blow out hits excavator

NZ Alert - Near miss with live electrical wires

NZ Alert - Falls from height easily avoided

Crane boom collapses into quarry

Arc flash hazard alert

How to be prepared for a tropical cyclone

Explosives impacted by forklift

Dealing with heat stress in underground mines

Pressurised dispensers rupture due to heat exposure

Process tank roof bursts due to uncontrolled reaction 

NZ Alert - Duty of care in relation to contractors

NZ Alert - Oil recycler sentenced over workplace death

Catastrophic engine failure in undergound coal mine

NSW Government publishes incident data spreadsheet

Worker falls and suffers serious head injuries

Report looks at structural integrity issues

Five US fatalities in longwall recovery incidents

Insufficient ventilation identified undergound

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 Dec 2017  

NSW Weekly incident summary 13 Dec 2017 

NSW Weekly incident summary 20 Dec 2017 


2017 - November

NZ Alert - Man falls from makeshift step

NZ Alert - Worker loses eye

NZ Alert - Just trying to help

NZ Alert - Worker burned by electric shock

NZ Alert - Safe maintenance of machinery

NZ Alert - Pedestrian interaction with heavy vehicles

NZ Alert - Company sentenced for fall from height

Telehandler rollover during a lift

Seismic emergency response and preparedness

Miner suffers burns to body

Report into serious injury of operator

Miner overcome by vapors from hazardous waste

New focus for managing hazardous substances

Mine worker struck by coal from longwall face

Front end loader collision with vehicle

Changes to hazardous substances regs - Interpretive guidelines

Changes to hazardous substances regs - Quick guide 

Excavator struck by debris from highwall failure 

Loose lunchbox causes ADT to drive through bund

Injury caused due to lack of maintenance

Case study: Human factors in mining

Fire and explosion risks in underground mines fact sheet

Consolidated report on exposure to dust

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 Nov 2017  

NSW Weekly incident summary 8 Nov 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 Nov 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 Nov 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 29 Nov 2017


2017 - October

NZ Fatality - truck driver killed when tipper body fell on cab 

Wanted - NZ near-misses to help save lives

NZ Alert - Man injured when falling inside crusher

Final investigation report into underground fatality

Front end loader hit by locomotive

Fall while changing oil filter

Miner receives electrical shock

Do safety helmets have an effective working life?

In-service fires on mobile plant

Hand injured during planing operation

Serious injuries after falling from unidentified risk

Working safely with hazardous substances

What is a notifiable incident?

Managing health risks in the extractives sector

Worker exposure to diesel exhaust emissions

Fall of ground risks in underground mines

Fire and explosion risks fact sheet

Airborne contaminants – metalliferous mines

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 Oct 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 11 Oct 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 18 Oct 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 25 Oct 2017


2017 - September

Coal mine worker fatally injured 

Methane hazards at open-cut excavations

Lack of sleep could affect your safety at work

Inrush from raisebore hole

Worker's thumb severed during winching operation 

Catwalk failure on mobile screener

Foot caught in crusher

Shock received from portable welder

Dam overflows and floods mine

Assessing personal dust exposures

Unintended movement of conveyor 

Response times of gas detectors

TIP Report - Gas outburst risks in longwall mining

Report: Catastrophic engine failure 

Failure to use brake - vehicle rolls out of control

Reuse of removable exhaust filters on ExDES

Working safely in confined spaces

Identifying, assessing and managing risks

Catastrophic engine failure in underground coal mine

Operator doused in cleaning fluid has allergic reaction

Updated guide on managing fatigue in the workplace

Serious burns to worker's hands

Worker suffers serious burns while refuelling

Two New Zealand fatalities in forestry industry

Qsld guidelines for respirable crystalline silica

Underground conveyor equipment incident

$100 000 fine under Health and Safety at  Work Act

Worker's hand crushed in roller

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 Sept 2017 

NSW Weekly incident summary 13 Sept 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 20 Sept 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 27 Sept 2017


2017 - August

Worker suffers serious burn when fuel ignites

Take immediate action to manage known risks

Catastrophic engine failure in underground coal mine

Slurry pump explosion 

Two injuries in two days and no notification – companies fined

Targeted assessment report - fatigue management practices

Targeted assessment consolidated report - emergency management

Non-compliant and unsafe TPS Cable supplied in New Zealand 

Worker burnt after risks not managed

Two rescued from crane roll over

Slurry pump explosion

Dangerous incident during blasting 

Truck driven from Go-line with turbo timer activated

Circumferential failure of lockrings

Cylinder design approvals withdrawn

Eddy-current testing of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders

Working near water is a high-risk activity

Smoldering fire cloth

Truck driver saved by seatbelt

NSW Weekly incident summary 2 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 9 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 16 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 23 Aug 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 30 Aug 2017


2017 - July

Fall from height leaves man a tetraplegic

Arm trapped in conveyor belt

Uncontrolled release of energy during removal of pin

Uninterruptable power supply installations

Lack of pillar support in underground mine

Longwall faces: safe access and emergency exits

Worker injured due to ineffective isolaton

Clarifications notice for pressure equipment

Welding fumes a carcinogen

Injured worker not discovered or treated for long period

Effective risk management of fatigue

Workers struck and injured by pump cover

Updated fact sheet Using RPE effectively (PCBUs)

Updated fact sheet Using RPE effectively (Workers)

Updated fact sheet Managing silica dust 

NSW Weekly incident summary 5 July 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 12 July 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 19 July 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 26 July 2017

2017 - June

Fines under H&S Act for close call

Mobile equipment collisions 

Check for non-compliant gas monitors

Fitter receives burns to hand

Fatality on surface of underground mine

Lack of systems key to workers death

Loader reversed over light vehicle

Risks of flameproof alternators

Violent explosion caused by pre-heating

Report on fatality from hydraulic injection injury

Report on fatality at Perilya Southern Operations

Excavator cabin detaches and falls

Footwear prevents serious injuries

Inquiry into black lung finds catastophic failure

Close call as stack collapses

NSW Weekly incident summary 7 June 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 June 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 21 June 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 28 June 2017 


2017 - May


NZ Fatality Report Hydralylic power pack ram failure

Fitter struck in chest

Miner buried chest deep in feed hopper

Company fined for incident that left man a tetraplegic

Scrubber tower fails

Falling drill rods injure hand

Synthetic fibre sling fails

Uninterruptible power supply installations

Avoiding train derailment

Fatal accident in underground mine

Risks of diesel exhaust emissions

Underground coal mine dust hazards

Avoiding ground and strata failure

Preparing an emergency plan

Managing fatigue in the workplace

Controlling airborne contaminants

Managing diesel exhaust emissions

Check in check out system

Mobile equipment operator injured when seat belt failed

Drill hole compressed air injection

Truckmixer driver slip

NSW Weekly incident summary 31 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 24 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 17 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 10 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 4 May 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 26 April 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 19 April 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 12 April 2017


2017 - April

WorkSafe alert! NZ highwall failure fatality

Electrical protection batteries discharging

Truckmixer driver slip

Control risks as soon as they are identified

Pneumatic air tool fitting fails

NSW Weekly incident summary 6 April 2017

Electrical protection system fails

Serious drill rig accident

Haul truck collision with pick-up

Close call with overhead wire

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 March 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 29 March 2017

2017 - March

Preventing falls of persons

Close-call rockfall at mine

Miner avoids fall

Falling rocks breach catch bund

Exposure to dust results in serious illness

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 March 2017

Investigation report into Ridgeway Mine fatality

NZ severe injury fined by WorkSafe

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 March 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 8 March 2017

Black lung strikes 13th worker

Serious injury operating a block-making machine

Managing fatigue in the workplace

Guide to help you review your safety incentive scheme

How to prepare an emergency plan

2017 - February

Reported case of coal worker pneumoconiosis 

NSW Weekly incident summary 22 February 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 15 February 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 8 February 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary 1 February 2017

Light vehicle collides with mine entry gate

Gas outburst on longwall face

Mines and preparing for fires

Shaft filling incident

Driver thrown from cab in truck rollover

Unexpected use of detonator and detonating cord

Toxic gases fed into sealed areas of mine


2017 - January

Truck roll over safety bulletin

NSW Weekly incident summary week ending 11 January 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary week ending 18 January 2017

NSW Weekly incident summary week ending 25 January 2017

Starting the work year safely - WorkSafe NZ

Fatality after being struck by truck tailgate

Coal burst on longwall face

Fatality during unloading


2016 - December 

Safety guidance for working around tyres and rims

Ministry of Social Development prosecution

Improving safety for participants on community work

Danger - exposure of copper/copper alloys top ammonium nitrate

Non-compliant stone dust supplied to underground mine

Incident involving the transport of large dump trucks

Electrical arc fast hazards in mining

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 7 Dec 2016

Fires on surface coal mines

Abrasive blasting incident

Opal mining fatality

Changes to vehicle dimensions and mass rule

Workers exposed to elevated levels of methane

Operator breaks arm while operating high pressure hose

Good practice guidelines - Scaffolding in NZ

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 30 Nov 2016


2016 - November

Fixed plant & mobile equipment fires on surface coal mines

Importance of gas detection equipment maintenance

Airborne contaminants Fact Sheet

Sudden failure of feed hopper

New online health & safety tool to help SMEs manage risks

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 16 Nov 2016

Fatality in underground mine

Preparing for severe weather events

Prevent structural failure alert

Using safety chains on heavy vehicles

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 9 Nov 2016

Lessons to be learned from workplace fatality

Transport Agency urging checks of truck drawbeams

LHD operator narrowly escapes injury

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 19 Oct 2016

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 26 Oct 2016

NSW Weekly Incident Summary Report w/e 2 Nov 2016


2016 - October

Coal burst knocks workers to the ground

Drill fitter killed when crushed between drill head and rod centraliser arm

Drill offsider run over by tracked vehicle

Ensuring safety of ageing electrical switchgear

Fatality involving chain feeding at a wash plant

Final report of a fatal fall of a person May 2014

Firefighting component issues identified

Four electrical incidents in underground coal mines

Hazards of working under a stope bridge

Rock falls on loader operator

Seat belt saves quarry worker

Underground roof fall injures miner

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (14 Sept)

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (21 Sept)

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (5 Oct)

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (12 Oct)

Worker Seriously hurt when caught in moving conveyor


2016 - September

By-passing machinery interlock

Drill entanglement accident

Drill rig rollover

Fall from height during helicopter lifting operations

Issues with the use of semi-conductive insulation

Miner struck by rockfall at a development face

Rollover of forklift truck

Fatal accident - Failed gantry bridge

Worker injured by low voltage switchboard arc flash

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (28 Sept)


2016 - July

Worker injured when shoulder contacts with powerline

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (6 July)

Two miners inured when fuel tank exlodes

Fatal incident when coupling a tractor unit to a trailer

Working under a strope bridge

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (29 June)


2016 - June

Excavator slips into lake while excavating sand

WorkSafeNZ 'Litany of Failures' leads to quarry worker death - company and director fined

Mobile mixing unit explosives truck rollover

Uncontrolled engine shutdown on a dump truck

Miner seriously injured after fall from conveyor

Cell phones and mobile equipment don't mix

Tyre fitter's fingers crushed while operating hydraulic bead breaker

Potential exposure to hazardous chemicals

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (15 June)

Haul truck crushed when roof of limestone mine falls 

Underground worker crushed between IT work basket and roof

Tunnel workers exposed to excessive ultrafine particles

Serious leg injuries from unrestrained drill rig break-out wrench

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (8 Jun)

Tyre fitter trapped under foam filled tyre

Serious accident when loader bucket hits miner

Close call when dozer ruptures natural gas transmission line

Working near slopes in quarries

Dangers exist in active and abandoned mine sites

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (1 June)


2016 - May

WorkSafeNZ - Quarry operator ordered to pay over $150k after employee crushed to death

WorkSafeNZ - WorkSafe lays charges following Salters Cartage workplace death investigation

Reportable Incidents, weekly summary NSW (25 May)

Employee's fingers crushed by an un-guarded trap point on a travelling stacker-lifter

Cold leaching reagent incorrectly labelled and transported by supplier

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (18 May)

Defects found in self-rescuers

Close call when a 7050 tonne bin breaks

Reportable incidents, weekly summary NSW (27 April)

Miner seriously injured when sweatshirt is caught in a drill

Failure of clamp on forklift

Seven dozer accidents in 2015

Safety for equipment mounted at height


2016 - April

NSW - Weekly incident summary 20 April 2016

Standing trailer collapses

Haul truck collides with grader on active dump

Near miss as roof collapses while miners were cleaning the roof vent

Worker seriously injured in fall from dump truck

WorkSafeNZ Company fined after nine tonne truck hoist crushes mechanic

Miner punctures lung in fall from floatation platform

Collision between front end loader and light vehicle

NSW Weekly incident summary 14 April 2016

Contract coal mine worker suffers cardiac arrest

Miner loses arm in head pulley of conveyor belt

NSW - Weekly incident summary 6 April 2016

NSW - Weekly incident summary 30 March 2016

Worker trapped after dozer slides down waste pile

WorkSafe finds basic failures at Taylor's Limeworks accident

WorkSafe no charges over Waikari Quarry death

2016 - February

Health & Safety across the quarrying and quarry products industry

High pressure water jet failure results in injury

Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No

WA SRS - Publications-Mining and Explorations - Significant Incident Reports

NSW - Weekly incident summary 19 February 2016

NSW - Weekly incident summary 24 February 2016

NSW - Weekly incident summary 3 February 2016 

2016 - January

Crane head sheave falls from height during a lift

Group Status - Official ESTA Application Website, U.S

Health & Safety across the quarrying and quarry products industry

Three fatalities in the first 19 days of 2016 in the USA Coal Mines

NSW - Weekly incident summary for 20 January