Every three months, MinEx gathers and collates data from companies that reflects the number of person hours worked and the types of incidents that have occurred  

Safety Statistics


Every three months, MinEx gathers and collates data from companies that reflects the number of person hours worked and the types of incidents that have occurred.  

The data is shown for two sectors of the industry as well as an overall summary:

  • Industry-wide 
  • Underground operations
  • Surface operations. 

If your company does not currently supply statistics it would be great to include you in these.  Contact us 

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Explanations of industry terms:

Lost Time Injury (LTI)   
Lost time injury or occupational illness resulting in inability to work for one full day or shift on any day subsequent to injury occurring.

Medical Treatment (MTI)   
A work-related injury or occupational illness that results in injury or illness that requires medical treatment beyond the scope of the initial first aid treatment.

A fatality is a death resulting from an accident or hazardous exposure involving work, regardless of the time intervening between injury and death.

Occupational Illness  
An occupational illness is any work-related abnormal condition or disorder other than one resulting from a work injury, caused by or mainly caused by exposures at work which results in an adverse reaction within a body system.

Hours Worked   
The total number of hours worked including overtime and training but excluding leave, sickness and other absences.  They are used to calculate incident rates.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate, the number of LTIs per million manhours.

Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate, the total number of fatalaties and injuries resulting in lost time, restricted work duties or medical tratment per million work hours.



The information shown has been consolidated from information supplied by individual organisations in the industry on a confidential basis.  MinEx has not verified the information supplied by any individual organisation and therefore does not provide any warranty as to the accuracy of the information displayed.