Codes of Practice and accompanying Guidelines have been developed by MinEx and agreed by all sectors of the New Zealand mining and quarrying industry

MinEx Codes of Practice and Guidelines


These MinEx Codes of Practice and Guidelines are being replaced with links to the relevant WorkSafe NZ material as its codes and guidance programme progresses.

The MinEx codes are dynamic rather than static. MinEx appreciates prompt advice from industry users of any errors, omissions, or suggestions for improvement. MinEx updates codes, in line with industry experience and best practice.

While every care has been taken in developing these codes for the benefit of MinEx members, these are not intended to replace a health & safety management system designed for the specific needs of a company.

Because of the broad liability imposed on employer companies under the Health & Safety legislation, simply observing these codes on their own may not be sufficient to meet your obligation to …."take all reasonably practicable steps"…. under new legislation.

The advice given is inevitably generic – what is required by law will depend on the specific circumstances of each situation.

For these reasons the following legal disclaimer applies.



The Codes of Practice and supporting Guidelines are designed to promote health and safety standards within the New Zealand mining and quarrying industry. While MinEx has tried to ensure the Code and Guidelines will comply with applicable legislation, it is entirely the user's responsibility to ensure that their practices comply with all legal requirements, and users of the Codes and / or Guidelines acknowledge that MinEx has no responsibility or liability whatsoever in relation to the contents of the Codes, or in respect of anything done or not done in reliance on the Codes and / or Guidelines. Further, while the Codes provide an outline of relevant legislation, the information presented is in summary form only and MinEx makes no warranty as to its accuracy and completeness.

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Surface Code & Guidelines

Underground Code & Guidelines

ERMA COP Approved Handler Certificates Explosives

ERMA COP Approved Handler Certificates Explosives