Am I a Quarry Operator?

The attached document has been developed to assist a number of industries understand their potential obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Health and Safety at Work Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations Regulations 2016.

There are many instances across New Zealand where companies engage in activities falling under the definition of Quarry Operations as defined in the Act. These operations are subject to a number of codes, guidelines and regulations that companies need to be aware of and to follow.

The industries where confusion is most likely are:

  • Earthmoving whether it be via contractors or a company’s own equipment
  • Forestry operations
  • Road construction
  • Farming.

The three main issues all quarry operators need to be aware of are:

  1. You will need to have a person in charge of each quarry site that holds a Certificate of Competency (CoC) issued by the Board of Examiners.

  2. Your operation falls under certain sections of the 2016 regulations referred to above.

  3. You will need to be aware of and should follow a number of WorkSafe guidelines and approved codes of practice, the most important of which is the WorkSafe good practice guideline entitled: Health and Safety at Surface Mines, Alluvial Mines and Quarries issued in November 2015.